Sunday, November 1, 2009

October continued....

So, after I got back from my girls weekend we took Ryker to an ear, nose and throat specialist. He has had non-stop ear infections for about 4 months now. As soon as he gets off of his antibiotic it comes right back. He told us we needed to have tubes put in so that the fluid could drain and he wouldn't be sick quite so often. On Thursday the 29th we took him in to get it done and (luckily) the procedure was very quick and so was the recovery. We did it just in time, the Dr. told us that he had to drain a lot of fluid since he was getting another ear infection. Now he is running around at full energy and causing mischief wherever he goes. After we got home from the hospital I made one of the big Mom mistakes. I thought I could cut his hair by myself!


That's right, I put the wrong guard on the clippers and shaved him bald. There's a little peach fuzz but you can't see it because he is so blond!
This didn't stop him from being the cutest little monkey (in my opinion) on Halloween! Thank goodness his costume was warm!

We went to my Mom's old ward so that we could Trunk or Treat with cousins Rylee and Parker

Grandma Debby loved getting to some of her grand kids in costume. She really is missing all the out of state kids though!

Out little family

Brittany and Parker

Jared and Parker

Ryker had so much fun and stopped at all the cars to say "boo"

Then we ended the evening at Grandpa and Grandma Payne's so that they could see Ryker all dressed up too.

Even though it has been a crazy month, it's been a lot of fun and I'm so thankful for my family and friends that are there for us every step of the way!


So this month has been a crazy one! So much going on I haven't had time to get on here in awhile! The month started off with Rick going elk hunting for a week and a half! We missed him like crazy, but he had a lot of fun and came home with a spike this year. The next weekend I was in Las Vegas for work. It was a lot of meetings and lectures but I did find time to see friends and go play a little. My company takes the team there 3-4 times a year so I am looking forward to getting to see my friends more often. However, this was my first night away from Ryker and I did have a hard time, I can't believe how much I missed him! I knew I would miss him, but I was really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and not having to worry about listening for his cry (I still found myself listening for him all night!) The following weekend I was able to go to St. George with my Mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. We had a blast!!!

Me, Nicole, Jessica, Amber and Lexi (Niece)

This is Rick's Grandma's back yard, her home is BEAUTIFUL and the view was amazing!

We spent Saturday hiking Snow canyon and sight seeing all the historical sites.

Then went to Grandpa Chuck's grave

But the whole reason for the trip was that my mother-in-law got all of us tickets to a show called Thriller put on by the Odyssey Dance Company. All I can tell you is that the show was amazing!! They tour in Utah for the month of October, so if you're local or will be visiting next year - I highly recommend getting tickets!

This is the stairway into the theater - an outdoor amphitheater, it was beautiful and a great place to put on a Halloween show.

The zombies walk around before the show and try to scare everyone, they succeeded a couple times but this time I actually got her to laugh. This is my high fashion pose.

Me, Amber and Lexi

Lexi's new boyfriend

This was our scary pose, I guess you can see why they are in the show and we aren't!

It was such a fun weekend and a great chance to get to know my in-laws better. So glad I went and can't wait for next year!

To be continued....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Uncle Dan and Aunt Carolyn

I'm going to admit a deep, dark secret. Okay, it's probably not that deep or that dark, and anyone who's known me for a while knows it, but I'm going to share it anyway!

I was just entering the scary world of being a teenager when my parents went through their divorce and instead of being a good, supportive, loving daughter - I was AWFUL! I was rebellious and immature and it breaks my heart to remember what I put my Mom through! Out of desperation she asked her brother if I could come stay with him and his family in Ohio the summer after my parents divorce was final. So after a 3 day drive with my PapPap and his wife Doris, I spent 3 months with my Uncle Dan, Aunt Carolyn and my cousins, Dana, Doug, Denise and Donnie. I know it wasn't easy for any of them, and being an awful teenager I doubt I ever told them how thankful I was for each of them. Dana took my repelling with her friends, out to movies and a treated me like another sister. I had a lot of good talks with Doug, who also took me to the movies. I really looked up to Denise and enjoyed hanging out with her and her friends. Donnie became another little brother to me, but I really loved talking with him and just hanging out (didn't enjoy his paper route, but that's a story for another day)!

I pulled some stupid stunts (if I have a daughter, I pray she has more brains then I did at that age) but they all showed me unconditional love and acceptance. That summer truly changed the course my life was on and I am so grateful that my Mom loved me enough and that they would take me in and help me through a really tough time.

The reason I am bringing this up is because my Aunt and Uncle were just here and because Ryker was sick I didn't get to spend much time with them and I don't want to miss another opportunity to say thank you to the Grammer family and let each of them know how much I really love them!

The Tortoise and The Python!

On the Payne side there are 4 grandkids that have B-days in September; Adayla, Oaklie, Jackson and Ryker. So my mother-in-law decided to throw a big party for all 4 of them and invited a guy that travels around and does reptile shows. This guy was great!!! He kept all the kids very entertained by letting them hold small lizards and snakes, he even put a scorpion in his mouth (don't know why!) He gave each of the birthday kids a T-shirt and brought them up on the stage at some point in his show. Of course, Ryker is still a little too young to hold snakes! So, he had him come up and ride a tortoise! Ryker loved it and the guy was shocked when Ryker sat on his back and didn't cry at all, in fact when everyone started cheering he turned and smiled for the crowd! Then for the big finale the guy brought out a HUGE python - I'm not exagerating, this snake was as long as the patio, it took 4 adults to lift him! All the kids got to touch him. My niece Rylee would get close but no way was she going to touch him! I even got brave and had Brittany take some pictures of Ryker by the python. The trainer was holding his head - don't worry!!! And I was standing on the other side of the python. Ryker was calm for a minute but then decided he didn't like the snake and I had to rescue him. Again, I don't have access to my pictures right now but I will be posting pictures soon!

September was a fun month with much to celebrate; my Mom's successful surgery, my baby turning 1 and 1 more year with my husband. Rick has proven to be an incredible father, as soon as he walks in the door Ryker starts laughing! They love the time they get to spend together and I think I saw Rick tear up when Ryker said "football". He has been such a big help when Ryker is sick, or when I really need sleep. He never complains about changing diapers or giving him baths. He enjoys my late night at work when it's just the 2 of them. Beyond that, he really is a wonderful husband who would do anything for Ryker and I. I'm so blessed with my two boys!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mom's 3rd Surgery

On September 16th my Mom went in for her 3rd surgery to remove tumors. Misty and I took her to the hospital super early that morning and prepared for a long day of waiting. Her previous 2 surgeries had been between 6-8 hours. They told us it would be about 2 1/2 hours but we figured we'd probably be there a lot longer. This time they actually proved us wrong and were done within 3 hours! We didn't know if this was good or bad! We went in the consultation room to wait for the Dr and were both silent (you know how hard that is for an Adam's girl!) until he finally came in the room. I think he could tell from the looks on our faces how anxious we were because as soon as he walked in the door he told us the surgery went great and that Mom was doing well. He said that all three tumors were about the size of baseballs and all were sitting on major arteries. They had to be extremely careful not to knick anything or cause severe bleeding, he took his time and worked very carefully on each one and was very successful! After lunch Misty and I went to her room to see her and couldn't believe how good she looked! This is the best she has looked or felt after surgery! She came home on Saturday the 19th and is already walking around a bit and is looking great! This surgery was truly a miracle and I know it was all thanks to the many prayers said by family, friends and people in the community. Thank you for all that you have done for our family and always looking out for my Mom!

Happy Birthday Ryker - my baby is 1!

So, I had this big long post done all about Ryker's B-day with all the cute pictures from that day and right as I went to post it my computer froze and I lost everything!!! GRRRRR! So anyway, while I have a minute I thought I'd at least get on here and tell everyone about Ryker's B-day and I'll post pictures later when I get a chance.
So after Mom's cancer run, breakfast and auction I took Ryker home to hang out with Rick then went to my In-Laws to decorate. My Mother-in-law is incredible! She had started cleaning the night before and the backyard looked amazing! I set up a couple tables, cleaned off the grill and set things up, thank goodness for Allison and Jessica! Went home to get ready and then came back with Rick and the Birthday boy. Most of our families were able to come and it was pretty low key but very enjoyable! My sister-in-law, Nicole, made the cutest monkey cake I've ever seen! (Will post picture) Then I worked the grill while Ryker played with all the cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma's and grandpa. After that I helped Ryker open presents. Grandma Allison, Grandpa Scott and Aunt Jessica spoiled him with some cute outfits as well as a bunch of books. Grandma Debby got him a music stand that he loves to play with and dance to. She also got him a football (which he can say!!) and loves to play with. Aunt Heidi got him a really cool stuffed ape that he was so excited about, he even brought it into crib with him. In fact I've got some funny pictures of him sleeping in the exact same position as his monkey! So cute! He was so spoiled and got so many great toys to play with, he loves his bath toy from Aunt Amber and Uncle Tyson and the hammer from Aunt Nicole and Uncle Jason (don't know if I like that was so much, lol!) After toys we let him have his very own cake (my sorry excuse for creativity, didn't turn out even close to as cute as Nicole's!) but it did the trick! He loved it and went to town eating it, then destroying it. He was so funny, he didn't want to share with anyone, not even Mom and Dad! Every time he'd see one of his cousins hands sneak up to the table he'd grab where they were grabbing so they couldn't have his cake. When we finally got home he was so wiped out! I was trying to get everything put away and put him to sleep but every time I'd take a toy out of the box or bag he'd want to play with it.

I can't believe how fast this year has gone and how much Ryker has changed in 1 year! He has such a funny personality, he loves to tease people but yet he is still so sweet! All the girls at the day care have told us that they wish they had 10 more like him. He is so easy going, yet so busy! He loves to explore and see how much he can get away with. He is such a great eater, it's fun to watch him try new things, his favorite thing right now is chocolate and strawberry milk. He copies so many of the words that Rick and I say (guess we need to start being careful!) We both about fell off the couch when he said "football". He gives the best hugs and kisses! Our lives have been so blessed with this little boy and I don't think I could love him anymore if I tried!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Out Run Cancer

September 12th turned out to be a very busy and hectic day, but a truly amazing one! It started at 8:00 AM in West Haven where I was able to participate in a cancer walk put together by my Mom's ward for her and a young father in her ward who is also fighting cancer. The turnout was INCREDIBLE! I felt so blessed to have 2 of my sister-in-laws - Amber and Nicole - walking with me as well as my Mom's old neighbor from Washington Terrace and two of my friends from the Valley - Amy and Autumn. The walk was $10 per person and the turnout was huge! After the walk there was a pancake breakfast that was $5 per person. There was a raffle for an I-Pod, a rifle and a couple other items, a live auction as well as a silent auction. I can't believe how many cool things were donated and went for pretty high prices! In just 1 day they raised over $12,000!! With all my Mom has been through and all she has coming up, I am so thankful for a strong community, family and friends! Thank you all so much for your prayers, donations, love and support!

Ryker's favorite game, glad Grandma's a good sport!

My niece Elora and nephew Parker

My Sisters-in-law Amber and Nicole - made out BIG in the auctions!

Mom, Jared, Brittany and Jeanie Bliss enjoying breakfast

Heidi and Elora keeping Ryker entertained

Jared and Brittany just wanted to show everyone who good breakfast was.

What a way to start his first B-day!

I went to Terrace Elementary and Snow Crest with these two and they haven't changed a bit! Autumn and Amy

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I can't believe it - my boy is walking!!!! Ryker took his first steps at 10 1/2 months old! He was just starting to get more confident letting go of things and standing on his own then all of the sudden he walked 3 steps from Rick to me! Now his confidence grows every day! On Saturday we were at a baby shower for my friend Luci and he walked half way across the kitchen floor to try and get a piece of cake (he is my son!) I love being a Mom and watching his confidence grow and his personality come out more and more! He is such an amazing, fun, STUBBORN boy; and I love that I get to be his Mom!!!! (I promise someday to get pictures on here!)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camping Adventure!

Pictures will follow, but while I actually have a few minutes free I thought I'd tell you about Ryker's first camping adventure! We were able to reserve 2 camping spots in South Fork and went camping with most of my family. We got up there Friday afternoon (the 26th) and it was nice weather, blue sky, great for camping! We got our tent all set up, chairs around the campfire, sitting around talking about starting a fire and dinner when all of a sudden we here a loud thunder clap! Looking up, the sky had turned completely gray, in a matter of minutes! We quickly threw all the chairs in Jared's trailer, covered everything that needed covered and ran for the tents. For the next couple hours it POURED, thunder and lightening were right over us, incredibly loud! The sides and bottom of our tent were soaked! Rick was picking stuff up as fast as he could and putting it in the pack and play while I was feeding and keeping Ryker entertained. At that point I realized I left his formula in the car and had to run through the pouring rain to get it! I was dripping wet by time I got back in the tent and freezing! Worst part was that my side of the blanket had fallen off the air mattress onto the floor and was wet! Ryker handled it like a champ! In fact, he cuddled up with me and slept through most of it! After it finally cleared up we were able to get a fire going and have dinner with everyone. Ryker slept in between Rick and I so we could keep him warm. The next day the weather was beautiful! We relaxed in camp, played by the river and had great food. Then Jared got the bright idea that we should go 3 miles up the road and tube down the river (in his defense, the river looked a lot calmer then it was!) I'm pretty sure I hit every rock, bush and log on the way down! By bum was black and blue and I was incredibly lucky I didn't get turned over a couple times! Rick was so great and stayed in the back to make sure everyone got down okay and tried switching me tubes since his was the biggest and mine was the smallest. That didn't work, he turned upside down as soon as he sat on mine! Anyway, after Brittany (Jared's wife's) Mom was pulled under some of us (me, Brittany, her Mom and Jesse's girlfriend Kara) decided to get out and hike back to camp. After trespassing through someones farm and finally getting back to the road we realized we hadn't even gone a mile! We were soaking wet, cold and carrying tubes! Brittany finally flagged down a truck and we hitch-hiked back to camp where we sat by the fire to try and thaw out! After that we had a great dinner and yummy smores, froze for one more night then packed up camp on Sunday morning. I think it was more of an adventure for me then Ryker, he was great and enjoyed being passed around between all of his cousins, aunts and uncles! Anyway, that's his first camping trip, I'll post pictures later!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where does the time go?

Wow! My pregnancy felt like the longest 9 months of my life and now it seems like no time at all has passed and my son is 9 months old - unbelievable! At Ryker's 9 month check up the Dr. couldn't stop laughing at how busy my boy is! He wouldn't hold still for anything! He is in the 90% for height and the 75% for weight, he is now over 20 pounds and hitting all the developmental milestones. In the last couple weeks he has become quite the little parrot and loves to copy sounds. He has a fake cry and sneeze and would much rather play then take naps. He climbs over everything (even when he has a clear path around it) and likes to find which room Mom or Dad are hiding in. When he finds us he gets the biggest smile you've ever seen! On one of the few (very few) nice days this month we were able to go to Jared and Brittany's house so that the kids could play in the kiddie pool. Poor Parker wasn't feeling good so it was just Ryker and Rylee but they had a blast! Here are some cute pictures we've gotten so far this month but make sure to check back next week. We will be taking Ryker on his first camping trip with my family. Wish me luck!

He likes to dump over all the toys and play in the box.

Cousin Parker enjoying the sun.

My little fish!

Sharing toys with Rylee

One great thing about a busy baby is they wear themselves out and sleep so well!

Crazy hair! I know it's blond and hard to see but after his bath I spiked out all of his hair, I thought it was pretty cute!

He's getting so big! He pulls himself up on everything and will let go, as soon as he realizes he's let go he falls.

He loves snack time!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quick Update

Hey Everyone!
Wow! I thought I was busy when I was single and working - now I truly know the meaning of busy with a full time job and family! I started at Steven's-Henager College last week and have been in training for over a week now. I am catching on quick but am excited to actually start meeting with potential students and helping people go back to school. After I have been here for a year Rick and I will be able to go back to school, can't wait!!! Although this is fun and exciting I am truly missing the time I had at home with Ryker. His personality develops more and more every day! He is pulling himself up on everything, exploring everything he can get his hands on and tries to copy things that people say or do. In fact he is saw Rick snap his fingers and has been trying to do it ever since, he get's his finger and thumb together but is disappointed when there is no sound. I love this boy!!! Jesse's girlfriend, Kara, is watching Ryker this summer while she is on break from Snow College. Ryker loves her and is so excited to see her in the mornings and it makes it a lot easier for me knowing he is with someone I trust and who loves my son! I only wish she didn't have to go back to school in the fall! She has been so incredible this week since Ryker is teething and hasn't been his normal, happy self. She is so great and patient with him though. I don't have time to post pictures today but I got some cute pictures of Ryker swimming with his cousin Rylee last Saturday. He loved being in the water and even laughed when Rylee would splash him!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dinosaurs, Treehouses and Jobs!

The last couple weeks have been so busy! Lots of fun, but busy! My sister-in-law Emma is visiting from Florida, she has been staying with her family in Salt Lake and was able to come to Ogden last Thursday. My Mom and I took them to Dinosaur Park; while Ryker is still to young to enjoy it, I loved getting to watch my nephew Eric! He ran from one display to the next and went behind each gate so he could see all the dinosaurs. My niece Lily was so cute with Ryker. She wanted to help me push the stroller but couldn't reach the handle bars so she was pushing on the basket under the seat. Unfortunately is tends to collapse when you push on it so she kept skinning her knees. She gave Ryker lots of kisses and he loved getting to play with his cousins. My Mom has been switched to a new kind of chemo drug and wasn't feeling very well, she loved seeing her grandkids but had a hard time keeping up.
He was excited to find one his size!

Lily helping push Ryker's stroller - he loved playing with his cousins!

This week, on the 19th - I turned 31! I can't believe I'm that old! I had a great lunch with my Mom, sister-in-law Brittany, Rylee, Parker and Ryker. We ate at The Oaks in Ogden canyon then drove up South Fork to check out a camp ground. I got lots of B-day wishes from great friends and family - thank you all so much for thinking of me! We will actually be celebrating it this weekend with a BBQ so I'll tell you how it goes next week. On Thursday Emma was able to come up again so we took the kids to the Treehouse Museum. For those of you who have small children and haven't been there - GO CHECK IT OUT! It is really inexpensive and will keep your kids busy for hours! They can play dress-up, doctors office, school, music - so much for them to do! When Ryker is older I will for sure be getting him a year pass (only $40 per child and they can bring 2 adults for free every time they come.) Poor Mom! Still not feeling good, but wouldn't miss a chance to get to see Emma, Eric and Lily! It was so much fun spending time with them and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will be able to move this way sooner then later!

Eric dressed as the court jester. He has got to be one of the sweetest, kindest kids I've ever known!!

Lily was so cute with Ryker, she is going to be a great big sister to the little Adams yet to be!

Had to take this picture quick before everyone got away! Grandma Debby with Eric, Lily and Ryker.

After I got home I received a call from Stevens-Henager College. I have done 2 interviews and a presentation for them for an admissions position. They asked me to come in and see them 1 more time. Rick came home to take care of Ryker and I went to see them again. They offered me the position!! Yeah, I'm so excited! I start on Tuesday. I am going to miss spending every day with my boy but feel like this opportunity will help us provide a better future. Not only is the salary good, in a year Rick and I will be able to go to school for free. With the schooling Rick has behind him he should be able to get his bachelors pretty quick. I got home just in time for Ryker to wake up from his nap and realized that everything is about to change:
Ryker is now pulling himself up! He already scoots so fast but now I have to really start baby proofing - what a cute boy! I admit, I love this little boy more then I ever thought I could!