Saturday, January 17, 2009

Reno Trip

Thanks to my brother-in-law Jeff, Ryker and I were able to use a buddy pass and go to Reno, NV for a couple days and stay with my sister Misty and her family. We had so much fun!!! Since Misty's "baby" is now in Kindergarten, she doesn't have all the baby gear she used to, so we improvised and the first night gave Ryker a bath in the sink. It took both of us! He kept slipping everywhere so I had to hold him while Misty washed him. The kids couldn't stop laughing at how hard it was for 2 grown-ups to wash 1 little baby!

Little Preston was so in love with Ryker - it was great to see them together! As soon as Preston would get home from school he would want to know where Ryker was! He had to make sure everyone washed their hands before holding or playing with him. As soon as he picked us up at the airport he was telling me how much he was going to miss Ryker when he left! I can't wait until Ryker is bigger and they can really play together. All of the kids were really cute with him though and liked to play with him! Their favorite is when we would do "tummy time" (which Ryker HATES) as soon as I'd put him on his tummy he would roll over!

It was also great to see some of Misty's friends; Heidi Mills, Randy Hobbs, Sandy and Bryan Hobbs. I also got to meet her friend Wendy who is such a great person!!! We even got to have one "Girl's Night Out" , Preston (big Preston) put Ryker to bed so Misty, Sandy and I could go to the Golden Nugget and play Bingo (don't make fun, we love it!) and have some yummy desserts! We even managed to win a couple dollars at Megabucks! I'm so glad we got to go down and see everyone before I go back to work!

Ryker's Blessing

December 28, 2008 - We had my brother Jared bless Ryker in my Mom's ward! It was really a nice day. Leading up to the blessing was a little chaotic and stressful but then once we were in sacrament, everything went really well. Jared blessed Ryker first and both Rick and I were so grateful he would do that for us and for Ryker. We had Rick's Dad, Scott and his brother-in-law Jason in the circle as well as my brother Jesse and brother-in-law Preston and Jared's best friend James Cheney. Next Jared blessed his son Parker. The cousins looked so cute - but not traditional - in their outfits. Unfortunately, as I said, the day was crazy and we didn't get one picture! After church we had everyone over to Jared and Brittany's for taco soup and snacks. So many people were there! It was a really nice day and I'm so glad we had him blessed. Even Rick commented that it felt really good!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Christmas

This year we definatley had a "white Christmas!" As much as I hated driving around in it, it really was beautiful and Ryker looked so cute in his little snow suit. We got to go to my Mom's ward Christmas party where Ryker sat on Santa's lap for the first time and it was great to hear all the Christmas carols. On Christmas Eve I made a nice dinner for Rick and I and then we opened our Christmas PJ's. I thought we would actually get to sleep in (a little) on Christmas morning but Ryker woke up at 6:00 and since we needed to be at Rick's parents by 7:30, I woke Rick up and we opened presents. After that we drove through about a foot of snow on up-plowed roads to my in-laws, after more presents we had a HUGE breakfast feast. I had to roll out the door after we were done!!! Our last stop was my Mom's house. It was so much fun to see so much family on Christmas Day, but it was really nice to go home and relax - and no more driving!!! The next day my sister Misty and her family got into town so we had our family Christmas party. Again, another HUGE feast and more presents to open. Then we did a Christmas pagent for my Mom with all of the grandkids (minus the Florida kids, we missed them!!!) Ryker was a wiseman and he looked adorable in his little robe! I'll post the video but I don't think you can hear the story being read. It's still really cute! Well, I hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas as I did and that 2009 will bring you much happiness and peace.

Introducing Parker Harlan Adams

Align RightOn November 25, 2008 Jared and Brittany Adams welcomed my new nephew, Parker Harlan Adams. He was the exact same measurement's as Ryker - 8 lbs. 1 oz and 21 inches long. He has A LOT more hair then Ryker and is cute as can be! We are so happy he is finally here and that Ryker has a cousin so close in age to play with!