Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Always Playing Catch-Up!

It feels like I'm always so far behind I just give the basics of what has been happening! Wish I could say that this post was different - but it's not. So much has been going on I haven't been able to find a free minute for myself! I'll try and pick up where I left off and maybe then you can understand why I don't get to post as often as I would like.

The end of May I decided it was time for me to get my degree. Things moved pretty quickly after that! I enrolled at Western Governor's University and started classes on June 1st. I am doing my B.S in Business and Human Resource Management. I love the way the classes are set up. You pay a set fee for tuition every 6 months and can complete as many classes as you want. I'm pretty proud of myself for finishing 18 credits my first term. It is all done on-line so usually after Ryker goes to bed I lock myself up and force myself to study.

In July Ryker and I got to go to Colorado and spend some time with my family. We went shopping, tubing down the river, hiking, rode the alpine slide, and played A LOT of games. It was so much fun, I love the time I get to spend with my brothers and sisters and their spouses! And of course all of my nieces and nephews - they are so great! Everything was great until the drive home. My niece Shy was my navigator and I think she was having more fun texting than watching the road. We took a wrong turn in Roosevelt, UT and ended up in the Uintah mountains. I nice little 2 hour detour! We had to turn around and go all the way back but made it home in 1 piece!

A couple days after returning from Colorado Rick and I found out we are expecting our second child! We were trying and so thankful that it didn't take long. Ryker is convinced it is a sister and I am keeping my finger's crossed that he is right. I would love to add a little girl to our family. I would love to see Rick with a little girl, I know she'd have him wrapped around her little finger in no time!

It was also about that time that we found out the house we were supposed to move into was not going to work out. We were bummed but figured everything happens for a reason. We got busy right away trying to find another one and found a home we were both so excited about. After a lot of negotiating and endless paperwork we closed on our house the end of August and moved the first of September. It is in Plain City which is close enough to all the action but far enough away that there is no traffic and the neighbors are really friendly. We have a nice big back yard for Ryker to play in(he LOVES it) and plenty of room for our growing family.

Two weeks after moving in we celebrated Ryker's 2nd B-day. Can't believe my little boy is getting so big! He is so smart, he loves to sing, is a huge tease and laughs the hardest when he is with Daddy. He is still a Momma's boy, but his best buddy is for sure Rick! That little boy is my heart and I'm so happy every time I'm with him!

We spent September getting unpacked (still working on that) and getting my classes done. In October we had a surprise 60th B-day party for my Mom. I am so thankful she got to celebrate this milestone and it was so heart-warming to see all of her friends, church members and family there! I admit, the pregnancy hormones got the best of me and I cried when everyone yelled surprise. I know it meant a lot to her too and the one word she used afterward was "honored". So much time and preparation went into that night and I couldn't be happier that we kept it a secret and still had her here for it!

Of course Halloween was after that and Ryker got really lucky this year with 4 different opportunities to trick or treat. Not to mention all the time he got to spend with his cousins and me with my brothers and sisters. He was a lion this year and looked so cute! I'll post pictures soon.

I think that brings you all up to date but if I think of anything else I'll try and squeeze in a quick post! Hope everyone is doing well and is ready for the upcoming Holiday season! Love you all!