Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where does the time go?

Wow! My pregnancy felt like the longest 9 months of my life and now it seems like no time at all has passed and my son is 9 months old - unbelievable! At Ryker's 9 month check up the Dr. couldn't stop laughing at how busy my boy is! He wouldn't hold still for anything! He is in the 90% for height and the 75% for weight, he is now over 20 pounds and hitting all the developmental milestones. In the last couple weeks he has become quite the little parrot and loves to copy sounds. He has a fake cry and sneeze and would much rather play then take naps. He climbs over everything (even when he has a clear path around it) and likes to find which room Mom or Dad are hiding in. When he finds us he gets the biggest smile you've ever seen! On one of the few (very few) nice days this month we were able to go to Jared and Brittany's house so that the kids could play in the kiddie pool. Poor Parker wasn't feeling good so it was just Ryker and Rylee but they had a blast! Here are some cute pictures we've gotten so far this month but make sure to check back next week. We will be taking Ryker on his first camping trip with my family. Wish me luck!

He likes to dump over all the toys and play in the box.

Cousin Parker enjoying the sun.

My little fish!

Sharing toys with Rylee

One great thing about a busy baby is they wear themselves out and sleep so well!

Crazy hair! I know it's blond and hard to see but after his bath I spiked out all of his hair, I thought it was pretty cute!

He's getting so big! He pulls himself up on everything and will let go, as soon as he realizes he's let go he falls.

He loves snack time!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quick Update

Hey Everyone!
Wow! I thought I was busy when I was single and working - now I truly know the meaning of busy with a full time job and family! I started at Steven's-Henager College last week and have been in training for over a week now. I am catching on quick but am excited to actually start meeting with potential students and helping people go back to school. After I have been here for a year Rick and I will be able to go back to school, can't wait!!! Although this is fun and exciting I am truly missing the time I had at home with Ryker. His personality develops more and more every day! He is pulling himself up on everything, exploring everything he can get his hands on and tries to copy things that people say or do. In fact he is saw Rick snap his fingers and has been trying to do it ever since, he get's his finger and thumb together but is disappointed when there is no sound. I love this boy!!! Jesse's girlfriend, Kara, is watching Ryker this summer while she is on break from Snow College. Ryker loves her and is so excited to see her in the mornings and it makes it a lot easier for me knowing he is with someone I trust and who loves my son! I only wish she didn't have to go back to school in the fall! She has been so incredible this week since Ryker is teething and hasn't been his normal, happy self. She is so great and patient with him though. I don't have time to post pictures today but I got some cute pictures of Ryker swimming with his cousin Rylee last Saturday. He loved being in the water and even laughed when Rylee would splash him!