Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camping Adventure!

Pictures will follow, but while I actually have a few minutes free I thought I'd tell you about Ryker's first camping adventure! We were able to reserve 2 camping spots in South Fork and went camping with most of my family. We got up there Friday afternoon (the 26th) and it was nice weather, blue sky, great for camping! We got our tent all set up, chairs around the campfire, sitting around talking about starting a fire and dinner when all of a sudden we here a loud thunder clap! Looking up, the sky had turned completely gray, in a matter of minutes! We quickly threw all the chairs in Jared's trailer, covered everything that needed covered and ran for the tents. For the next couple hours it POURED, thunder and lightening were right over us, incredibly loud! The sides and bottom of our tent were soaked! Rick was picking stuff up as fast as he could and putting it in the pack and play while I was feeding and keeping Ryker entertained. At that point I realized I left his formula in the car and had to run through the pouring rain to get it! I was dripping wet by time I got back in the tent and freezing! Worst part was that my side of the blanket had fallen off the air mattress onto the floor and was wet! Ryker handled it like a champ! In fact, he cuddled up with me and slept through most of it! After it finally cleared up we were able to get a fire going and have dinner with everyone. Ryker slept in between Rick and I so we could keep him warm. The next day the weather was beautiful! We relaxed in camp, played by the river and had great food. Then Jared got the bright idea that we should go 3 miles up the road and tube down the river (in his defense, the river looked a lot calmer then it was!) I'm pretty sure I hit every rock, bush and log on the way down! By bum was black and blue and I was incredibly lucky I didn't get turned over a couple times! Rick was so great and stayed in the back to make sure everyone got down okay and tried switching me tubes since his was the biggest and mine was the smallest. That didn't work, he turned upside down as soon as he sat on mine! Anyway, after Brittany (Jared's wife's) Mom was pulled under some of us (me, Brittany, her Mom and Jesse's girlfriend Kara) decided to get out and hike back to camp. After trespassing through someones farm and finally getting back to the road we realized we hadn't even gone a mile! We were soaking wet, cold and carrying tubes! Brittany finally flagged down a truck and we hitch-hiked back to camp where we sat by the fire to try and thaw out! After that we had a great dinner and yummy smores, froze for one more night then packed up camp on Sunday morning. I think it was more of an adventure for me then Ryker, he was great and enjoyed being passed around between all of his cousins, aunts and uncles! Anyway, that's his first camping trip, I'll post pictures later!