Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Uncle Dan and Aunt Carolyn

I'm going to admit a deep, dark secret. Okay, it's probably not that deep or that dark, and anyone who's known me for a while knows it, but I'm going to share it anyway!

I was just entering the scary world of being a teenager when my parents went through their divorce and instead of being a good, supportive, loving daughter - I was AWFUL! I was rebellious and immature and it breaks my heart to remember what I put my Mom through! Out of desperation she asked her brother if I could come stay with him and his family in Ohio the summer after my parents divorce was final. So after a 3 day drive with my PapPap and his wife Doris, I spent 3 months with my Uncle Dan, Aunt Carolyn and my cousins, Dana, Doug, Denise and Donnie. I know it wasn't easy for any of them, and being an awful teenager I doubt I ever told them how thankful I was for each of them. Dana took my repelling with her friends, out to movies and a treated me like another sister. I had a lot of good talks with Doug, who also took me to the movies. I really looked up to Denise and enjoyed hanging out with her and her friends. Donnie became another little brother to me, but I really loved talking with him and just hanging out (didn't enjoy his paper route, but that's a story for another day)!

I pulled some stupid stunts (if I have a daughter, I pray she has more brains then I did at that age) but they all showed me unconditional love and acceptance. That summer truly changed the course my life was on and I am so grateful that my Mom loved me enough and that they would take me in and help me through a really tough time.

The reason I am bringing this up is because my Aunt and Uncle were just here and because Ryker was sick I didn't get to spend much time with them and I don't want to miss another opportunity to say thank you to the Grammer family and let each of them know how much I really love them!

The Tortoise and The Python!

On the Payne side there are 4 grandkids that have B-days in September; Adayla, Oaklie, Jackson and Ryker. So my mother-in-law decided to throw a big party for all 4 of them and invited a guy that travels around and does reptile shows. This guy was great!!! He kept all the kids very entertained by letting them hold small lizards and snakes, he even put a scorpion in his mouth (don't know why!) He gave each of the birthday kids a T-shirt and brought them up on the stage at some point in his show. Of course, Ryker is still a little too young to hold snakes! So, he had him come up and ride a tortoise! Ryker loved it and the guy was shocked when Ryker sat on his back and didn't cry at all, in fact when everyone started cheering he turned and smiled for the crowd! Then for the big finale the guy brought out a HUGE python - I'm not exagerating, this snake was as long as the patio, it took 4 adults to lift him! All the kids got to touch him. My niece Rylee would get close but no way was she going to touch him! I even got brave and had Brittany take some pictures of Ryker by the python. The trainer was holding his head - don't worry!!! And I was standing on the other side of the python. Ryker was calm for a minute but then decided he didn't like the snake and I had to rescue him. Again, I don't have access to my pictures right now but I will be posting pictures soon!

September was a fun month with much to celebrate; my Mom's successful surgery, my baby turning 1 and 1 more year with my husband. Rick has proven to be an incredible father, as soon as he walks in the door Ryker starts laughing! They love the time they get to spend together and I think I saw Rick tear up when Ryker said "football". He has been such a big help when Ryker is sick, or when I really need sleep. He never complains about changing diapers or giving him baths. He enjoys my late night at work when it's just the 2 of them. Beyond that, he really is a wonderful husband who would do anything for Ryker and I. I'm so blessed with my two boys!