Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Starting Over

I know, I'm not so great with this whole blogging thing; I could promise I'd do better but life is crazy right now and that probably won't happen. However, I have a request that would really mean a lot to me.

As most everyone knows my Mom is sick and we know that we won't have her with us much longer. There are so many different emotions that I have gone through over the course of her illness and as her time get's closer a lot of those emotions are hard to deal with. One thing I'm very afraid of is that when I look back my memories of her will be when she was sick. And while I think it is important to remember this time I also want to be able to remember my good times with her.

I have started writing down some of my favorite memories and I want to post them on my blog, but I also want to hear others memories of her so that when I go through hard times I have something I can read that makes me happy. Please take a few minutes and comment on this post and I will put together something soon for everyone to read. For now I will share a funny memory I have of my Mom.

Now at the time this happened I didn't think it was funny but now that I'm older it cracks me up! I was dating a guy that my Mom didn't care for (probably was more than a few of those), he lived in Idaho and I decided to be a rebel and ditch school to go see him - needless to say, I was caught; and grounded for a month. Well, he decided to return the favor and come to Utah and see me while I was grounded, of course I snuck out of the house to see him - and got caught (maybe I really don't want daughters after all!)! We were outside of his Aunts house in my car when we heard tires screeching around a corner and come to an immediate stop right behind us. My little Mom ripped open the passenger side door and yanked my boyfriend out of the car by the front of his shirt. She got right up in his face (she's 5'3", he was 6'4") and told him that he was never allowed to talk to her daughter again. I thought he was going to pee his pants, the look on his face was priceless!

Needless to say, I called him a week later to apologize and he hung up on me. Never heard from him again. At the time I was humiliated - but the older I got I realized how lucky I am to have a Mother who was looking out for me and always trying to keep the wrong type of people out of my life. She has adopted pretty much every person we've ever brought home and "mothered" them all, but she never let any of us doubt that we were her number 1 priority!