Monday, August 22, 2011

Potty Training, Prizes and....Puke

What a crazy week! After much bribery Ryker decided he was ready to wear big boy underwear. Well, I'm happy to report that he has gone one whole week with NO ACCIDENTS!!! My little guy is growing up (sniff...sniff). Since he has done so well I decided to take him on a special "Mommy-Ryker date" to pick out a toy. We went to Target and he had to have the Thor sword and shield, and a Spiderman. Lucky for him, Mom is a sucker and couldn't tell him no - so he got both. Then (it get's worse) we went to Carters to exchange a couple pairs of pants and I was so excited to see that the whole store was 20%-50% and they were doing an additional 20% off your entire purchase (and I had a coupon for another 20% off and a $10 coupon). So, I went a little nuts! I was able to get the boys their fall and winter wardrobes for $150 - pretty proud of myself! But, Ryker fell in love with an ugly pair of rain boots - he carried them around the whole store and just had to have them. I gave in. I do have to say though - it's created hours of entertainment for us:

Then we have little Mr. Karsen. My poor baby was so sick all weekend it broke my heart! He would try and drink his bottle and as soon as he finished it all came right back up! I was getting extremely worried about dehydration but luckily we got him to drink some pedia-lyte on Saturday night and that seemed to be the turning point. He started smiling again and stayed awake a little bit longer. He sill won't drink more than 4 oz. but we are working back up to his normal 6 oz. He is normally such a bright, happy, sweet baby; it was easy to recognize that he wasn't feeling well with how somber he was all weekend.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Just a few Pictures

Ryker likes to pull the ottiman over to Karsen's crib and climb in every morning. They love each other so much it makes me smile!

This was from Karsen's newborn photo shoot. He is getting so big and handsome, I love my Ryker!

Karsen at 4 months, we tried cereal. Not a big fan yet. Look at those big blue eyes! He is such a sweet, happy baby. Everyone who holds him falls in love with him - especially me!

This is my Karen when he was just a couple weeks old - he is so beautiful!!! I love this little boy with all my heart!

Ryker's first sunburn - breaks my heart! Sorry about the bum but he wouldn't just pull his pants down a little - it was the whole moon or none at all!