Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rick's Chocolate Cake

Okay Monica, I was trying to make myself look really talented but now you will so how easy this cake really is. Here is the recipe for Rick's Chocolate Cake:

Chocolate cake mix of your choice
1 box chocolate pudding
1 packet dream whip
1 chocolate bar

Bake the chocolate cake in 2 round pans, make sure they greased well. After you bake let them cool for about 20-30 minutes and then remove them from the pans. Put pudding on top of first layer then place 2nd layer on top, cover with dream whip. I use my cheese grater to shred just a little bit of the chocolate bar and then put that on top of the cake. Oh yeah, this time when I made it I put a dash of cinnamon in the dream whip and it tasted great!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Rick!

This is a little late, but better late then never - right? Rick's Birthday was March 8th, he is now 29. Some friends of ours, Adam and Sarah Wilson, let everyone come over to their house in Slaterville to watch a UFC fight that Rick wanted to see and our friends Dallas and Lucy brought a very ....colorful cake?! Sorry, I didn't have my camera that night or I would have taken pictures, it was a very pretty barbie cake with butterflies and a big doll right in the middle. It was pretty funny! Everyone had a good time and we're glad for all the great friends we have! For his actual B-day I made Rick his favorite cake, chocolate cake with chocolate pudding in the middle, whipped topping and just for a little extra shot of chocolate, chocolate shavings on top. His Mom used to make it for him so I tried it last year and even though I'm not a chocolate fan - it's pretty dang good. The presentation isn't all that beautiful but here is a picture of the finished result:

Ryker's eyes got huge when he saw the cake, he kept trying to take it off of the plate. This picture cracked me up though because he looks like he's faking sleep and trying to steel Dad's cake:

This is the last picture - I promise! Again, I just thought this was really cute or Rick and Ryker. They love to just chill and hang out with each other. Ryker is so in love with his Dad and I think Rick might be kinda in love with Ryker as well!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Goal

Okay, I'm posting this picture for one reason! This is the first picture taken of me since Ryker was born in September. I have been using the camera as my shield - I'm usually the one taking the pictures so I don't have to be in them. The truth of the matter is - I'm fat! And I'm posting this picture for everyone to see so that I will stay motivated to lose weight and look better in the next picture you see of me! At the very least, the 2nd chin will be gone next time I post anything that I am in!

Another Reno Trip

Since I got laid off and had some free time I decided to drive to Reno with my Mom and Ryker to visit my sister Misty and her family again. Ryker loved playing with his cousins and they were great at making him laugh! I got to hang out with my sister and finally played my first ever game of Bunko - it was actually pretty fun! Here are some cute pictures from our trip!

Ryker and Preston

I don't think he liked his new chair!

Ryker giving me kisses

Ryker and Grandma Debby

Playing on the floor with Mom

Ryker blowing zerberts - he just started doing this!

Getting kisses from Mikeena

Making faces with Aunt Misty