Tuesday, January 3, 2012

O Little Town of ......Las Vegas?

I have been with Stevens-Henager College for almost 3 years now. A couple times a year they give the Admissions team a free trip to Vegas. They put us up at the Monte Carlo, free airfare, 3 meals a day, and more snack food and soda then I typically consume in a month. All they ask in return is that we stay awake for 9 hours each day and learn new things. I was a little surprised that they planned our latest trip in December but, what are you gonna do? I did a little strip sight seeing, buffet eating and spending time with friends. I'll admit ....I was a little pathetic this time. I was in my room by 9 each night for a little study time and then tried to catch up on about 4 years of restless nights!

Bellagio Christmas room

Yes, I know I look 10 months pregnant - I'm not! Look back here when I post my New Year's resolutions!

I don't care if you like Chocolate of not....That looks AMAZING!

No, I didn't meet the Jabbawakeze - it was a skit we did for training. Too bad 2 other campus' had the same idea!

This is the Ogden Admissions Team!

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Monica said...

Holla!!! : ) Thanks for being such a great friends in sin city girly. Love you!